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Our film team: combining creativity and profitability

Artistic imagination creates exciting spaces and invites encounters. However, it is only with precise control of costs and processes that large film projects can be completed on time and on budget.

About the two managing directors

Susanne Rodeck gained 12 years of management experience in a global corporation in the field of operations and marketing. She built up the business in Germany, Greece, India, and Romania and was then operationally responsible for 10 branches in Europe and two business units in Germany. Katarzyna Koslinska has spent 12 years in the film and television industry, gaining extensive expertise from research and script writing to production and post-production. She has dealt with a wide variety of formats such as children’s series, scientific programs, documentaries, and feature films. This practical, and experienced knowledge of the two managing directors benefits them today in the development of video concepts for companies.

Susanne Rodeck

Managing Director

Katarzyna Koslinska

Managing Director




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How we work

avidere combines comprehensive industry knowledge from film and television with economic thinking from international business experience. Our clients benefit from our determination, precision, creativity, and reliability. Together with our team, we bring corporate messages to the point and create a positive atmosphere for people and their issues. We enjoy taking on unusual ideas and new challenges. As a film production team, we are cosmopolitan and find contact with different cultures of life and thought particularly exciting. As a reliable partner, we are committed to achieving convincing results every day – for all industries, small and medium-sized companies, and private individuals. We advise you personally and accompany you step by step in the realization of your video portrait.

In 40 seconds, we explain our service, we take the viewer with us into our world. The videos that open in the globe at the beginning of the explanatory film are our own productions, even the film strip that is symbolically cut contains our own film. The realization was a lot of fun for us, we are happy if you could get a first insight about us in the 40 seconds and even more if you contact us to discuss your request.

For a long time, it has been clear to us that avidere also needs its own explanatory vidoe to convey the central message!

After much deliberation, we decided that an animated film should represent us. The storyboard turned out great, animation and editing were done; after successful dubbing we are now proud to present the finished film on our homepage.

With avidere, through the process from the idea to the finished explanatory video

For an animated video we estimate a duration of about 5-6 weeks from conception to release. For a real film, the duration also depends on finding the shooting date. Basically, we calculate a preparation time of 1-2 weeks and after the shooting day(s) the post-production takes about 1-4 weeks. Depending on the amount of footage and the agreed upon video’s appearance.

Of course, if an event or pitch date is set and everything goes hand in hand, the process can speed up quite a bit. Accordingly, these dates are always dependent on the urgency with which our clients approach us and, above all, the timely feedback from our clients on the acceptance of the respective milestones such as initial scribbles, character design, illustration proposals, storyboard, text, rough cut, etc.

This exchange is important for us, so that we can meet the desires and needs of our customers and realize a successful project together with them. Determining the central message always plays a principal role: who is the target group, who do we want to address with the video? Is it primarily about conveying information or do we want to build a brand, create an image, or fundamentally introduce the company? Or is it more about explaining something? Is it a teaser that encourages the viewer to take a closer look at the topic or a comprehensive step-by-step educational film that imparts knowledge? The start point for a successful corporate video is always the fundamental examination of the company to be portrayed, the products and services offered, so that the video can unfold its full impact.

From consulting to concept development to storyboard

It is not unusual for this first decisive step to look like a management consultancy. Wherein we then develop a concept, and the storyboard takes shape, the client is often totally surprised that we have succeeded in communicating to the point. This delights us and our clients anew every time. With our own explanatory video, there were of course some internal discussions about how to present what, how to communicate this plethora of different formats that we offer in a very meaningful manner. We did not make it easy for ourselves, often went to court with ourselves, made rectifications and improvements. The intro alone, of just nine seconds, took quite a while to render, since all the videos that are moving around the globe are our own! It is needless to say, that is a huge amount of data. That made us pause for a moment, we are pretty proud of how far we have come in the first few years. We hope you like it!

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