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…how your video could look like. Since we develop individual concepts for our clients and are also guided by the company’s budget, something new and creative always pops out.

Which movie production is best suited for your company?

In some situations, it is easy to choose a specific video format. If you want to present your company, your employees and your corporate culture, an image film will be an excellent way of showcasing the company’s values. Do you need a training video for your medical staff? This is where an animated explanatory video has proven its worth. Sometimes, however, it’s not quite so easy to choose the right format, for example if you want to address different target groups. If the choice is difficult for you, we will be glad to give you counsel on the format, but also on the subsequent use and distribution of the video/movie. From storyboard to video marketing, we as a film production agency in Berlin, are your competent contact for all video formats.

enthuse your clients

lead to more applications

get to the point

 create permanent experiences


show how it works

are an eye-catcher

transmit knowledge

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Promotional film: Berlin offers the perfect backdrop

avidere is there for you on location – as a promotional film agency in Berlin, we come to where the perfect backdrop awaits us. This can be your business premises and production facilities, but also the Berlin skyline – from the car, from the air or in dynamic time-lapse. Images are the successful combination of information and emotions. Show your company and your location from its best side with avidere! We will gladly leave the borders of Berlin for you and shoot your promotional film, not only in Berlin, but also wherever you need us. Would you like to show your innovative products, explain state-of-the-art technologies, or simply present complex issues? Facts, figures, arguments – combined with the right images, they appeal not only in the head, but also to the eye and the soul. A good image film makes you want more – about your company, your products, or your experiences.

Find out more about other film productions

Product videos

Use product videos and convince your clients of your products and services.

Aerial footage

With aerial footage you can delight clients. Aerial photos support professional video productions through breathtaking perspectives.

Training videos

Transmit your knowledge digitally, train your employees and offer E-Learning to avoid a long commute. We support you with technical know-how

Reference videos

Let your clients do the advertising for you.

Customized video formats for your company

Would you like to present yourself and your company in a professional video, provide video content for your customers and employees, or explain a complex issue in a simple manner? You can achieve this professionally and economically with videos from avidere. However, we can do much more: Regardless of the message you want to communicate, we will find the right images to match your statements. Whether it’s a city skyline or a personal close-up – we at avidere create impressive and meaningful film productions for you that will be remembered.

Film production is manual work

From the development of the idea, the conception, the storyboard, the smooth running of the film production including filming permits, props, actors, to the post-production where we give the film a face. A good film conveys passion – for your product or service. For this reason, we do not offer pre-calculated price packages, but submit individually calculated offers to our customers. These contain nothing more and nothing less than the realization of your wishes.
1. Interaction
We listen to you and collect all available information about your company, your product, your services, and your competitors.
2. Idea
We develop an idea for your specific request, a common thread that runs through the film, touches the gut of your customers, and sticks in their minds: modern storytelling through moving images.
3. Text concept
The Film is an audio/visual experience, the accompanying text underlines the story we tell for you.
4. Storyboard
The storyboard clarifies the story, the representation of the individual scenes or the illustrated characters in conjunction with text makes the course clear.
5. Production
For the real image, we now implement the script with the film team and technology adapted to the project. In the case of the drawn, animated explanatory video, we create the illustration / final artwork.
6. Post-production
Your film gets the finishing touches: we edit, make sound and image corrections, select a voice suitable for the project and have the text recorded in a recording studio.
7. Release/ video marketing
To ensure that your film reaches the largest possible audience, we recommend the most suitable channels for your project, professionally set up your video channel and develop your video marketing strategy.

What our clients say


Max Dalhoff, Managing Director

Dalhoff GmbH - road and civil engineering

We have received 40% more applications since we integrated avidere’s recruiting films into our SEO strategy and social media campaigns. So far, we have been able to hire eight new applicants through this. A complete success for us!

Jana Jabs, Partner

Die FranchiseMacher

avidere has been accompanying us for many years. Our first professional image film about our franchisor consulting have, for 5 years, been clicked on our YouTube channel set up by avidere. They are our flagship and our business card, and we feel completely comfortable with them.

Martin Geisler, Director Sales

transact Elektronische Zahlungssysteme GmbH

avidere has been accompanying us for many years and supports us all around our creative ideas. Whether in an image film, website, social media or photo shootings – the avidere team has always supported us professionally, quickly and, above all, in an extremely friendly and sympathetic manner. A professional and very pleasant partnership!

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