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Inspire your customers with an image film

Every company is unique and distinguished by special characteristic features that should be made known. avidere helps you to crystallize your unique selling points in an image film and communicate them to your target group. Videos help the customer to understand complicated facts and put him/her in the middle of the action. Through moving images, information is combined with emotions and thus remains in the customer’s mind for a long time.

A selection of our image films

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Image film for doctor’s bay

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Image film for Raumhaus

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Image film for Spreefüxxe Berlin

Transparency and trust through an image film

An image film makes facts, figures, and arguments tangible and interesting. With the help of a video, your company can also be presented and put in the right light. The philosophy of the company can be presented in a video, just as the company history can be presented. You can show your competences, improve your image, build trust with the customer – with a video there are almost no limits! An image film creates transparency and makes it easier for the customer to identify with the company.

The image film on your own website - and much more!

Videos can be integrated easily and in a contemporary manner, as a marketing instrument, on your own homepage. Videos can also be used for press relations and brand management and convey your message in an appealing way. Moving image messages are excellent advertising media and help to increase customer loyalty with well-considered content. Sales talks can be loosened up with a clip and the quality of your presentation is significantly increased and loosened up. In addition to customer loyalty, the inclusion of a video on the website increases the search engine ranking, which in turn leads to more presence and awareness. A goal that every company should pursue. Of course, a video can also be used internally for training purposes and to strengthen the team. It is hard to imagine the modern (corporate) world without promotional films. Show your company, your product or your service in moving images that anchor themselves in the mind of the customer, evolve with the times. avidere presents your company in the best possible light and helps you to win new customers. avidere is a company from Berlin, but we are happy to realize projects for you nationwide.

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