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With the help of a product video, even complicated technology can be explained in an easily understandable and entertaining manner. The application/use of products can be vividly communicated. The innovative aspects of your products are easy to convey. Even complex process flows can be presented in a memorable and catchy manner via a product video. Who likes to read pages and pages of instruction manuals? In our short-lived times, quickly understandable information is of great advantage and helps to convince the customer. Through a video, information can be conveyed faster and in a more targeted manner than with a text, which the user often just skims through. A product video precisely highlights the quality of the product, skillfully answers questions regarding the product, and presents the uniqueness of the offer more profoundly than an advertising video.

A selection of our Product films

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Explanatory video for Homegate

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Elegant product video for the Bruker Nano GmbH

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Animated product video for the Euronet Cash Recycler

Product videos facilitate understanding

Unlike explanatory text, film does not rely on the imagination of the reader, as videos can directly create the desired images in the minds of customers. By using a product video, you can support the customer in their purchase decision, as they can experience the use and all the functions of the product live and thus better recognize the individual benefits for themselves. This processing creates transparency and has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Based on different cinematic means, in combination with graphics and animations, it becomes easy to address a target group of potential customers.

Are your products and services innovative? Then show it as well!

In addition, a product video is ideal for innovations to be able to reach new customers or investors and to show the advantages your products have. An expressive and credible video increases the sympathy/attractiveness that customers have for your company, thus leading to lasting customer loyalty. Enrich your Internet presence with a product film and show your professionally staged products directly on your homepage. The video can be used in a variety of ways, at trade fairs, in sales talks, in social media channels or in press work to increase awareness of new product launches. Arouse the interest of the masses by using visual moving images to underline your concerns and message. avidere realizes meaningful and concise product videos and supports you in winning new customers, as well as in arousing interest.

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