Post production

Professional postproduction: We get the best out of your films!

Post-production means much more than just editing footage (image material) into a finished video. In fact, it is one of the most important phases of film production. Professional post-production makes it possible to exploit the full potential of the existing footage: it creates coherent action sequences, adds the finishing touches to scenes, and rounds off the entire video into a successful overall work. Under no circumstances should post-production be neglected. After all, the film medium online is still on the rise and only thorough post-production can achieve optimal results. We will gladly take over the post-production for your film projects such as explanatory videos, corporate and image films and give you detail advice.

Promising video content through post-production

Why is postproduction so important? Video content is relevant in all areas of online marketing these days. Since moving images have become an important ranking criterion for search engines. However, only films that are convincing in terms of content and quality rank high on search result lists. As the popularity of videos on the Internet increases, so do the expectations on the part of users and search engines. Therefore, as much attention should be invested in the post-production of a video project as it is in the shooting. This ensures that you create high-quality and unique overall results that will ultimately be clicked on.

A creative process: creating high-quality images and scenes

An appealing scene design and coherent processes that capture the viewer’s interest and attention – these are characteristics that make a good film. We therefore attach great importance to dramaturgy and end products with a unique character. We put a lot of sensitivity and expertise into the finishing touches. To achieve the optimal result, color and sound correction are very important to us. Imaginative film effects can be used to further enliven the audio-visual experience. Cross-fades, animated images, texts and the play with colors and contrasts are often part of post-production. When used skillfully and creatively, these elements enhance the film and contribute to a great overall result.

Audio editing: Creating an appealing atmosphere

It is not just image effects that play a major role in good post-production. The right sound is also important. Remember: The film is a medium that appeals to users through many senses. Your video product should be convincing not only visually and in terms of content, but also acoustically. Therefore, we also attach great importance to the audio processing of the recordings. This includes, for example, the post-processing of the original sounds, additional sound effects and background music. Atmospheric music and sounds create atmosphere and contribute significantly to the desired effect of the video.

Our postproduction for you

We will gladly take care of the professional post-production for you. Exchanging with you regularly is important to us. On request, we will send you preview sequences and incorporate your opinions and desires. The result will be visible: Every good film is the result of an intensive exchange between us and our customers. This means that you don’t get just any video from us, but an exclusive one-off. Have you collected moving image material in the course of your company’s existence, at events or at important milestones? We would be happy to check the quality and, if possible and stylistically appropriate, integrate them into a new image or explanatory film. Do you still have questions? Or would you like to know exactly what individual advantages postproduction offers for your project? Then contact us. We will be glad to provide you with comprehensive advice.

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