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Here, you can see a small selection of companies we serve. The testimonials will give you an insight about the satisfaction of our customers. Every project is unique, which is why we are always faced with new challenges. Our work covers a broad portfolio of different genres: Image films, explanatory videos, industrial videos, product videos, aerial shots, event videos, live streaming, and videos for eLearning platforms and apps are among our areas of expertise

From startups to corporations

From startups to corporations, it is a wide arc that we are glad to span. Developing and realizing an appealing video for a crowdfunding campaign that hits a nerve is a challenge we are happy to take on, just like the image spot for an established corporation accompanying the relaunch of its newly designed external image. We are happy to work with partners in the implementation of your print media, web, and trade fair presence, as well as in other disciplines. We are team players, and your success is the greatest compliment for us. We make your company visible and do so with the utmost passion. See for yourself what our customers say:

Our customers

“avidere does not only have competences in their core subject of moving pictures, but also understands how to include the company’s operational processes. Thus, the video portraits are developed and positioned as a part of the overall corporate strategy: An important building block that, together with other building blocks, creates a stable corporate house.”

Rene Zimmer – Zimmer-Gruppe

Filming for you, regardless of the industry

Since our founding over 10 years ago, we have produced films for a wide variety of companies. In the process, we have gained experience with the cinematic challenges of many industries, which has given us comprehensive know-how for future film projects. We are passionate about working independently of the industry because we are convinced that the video medium is an essential form of communication for all companies today. Especially in the age of digital transformation, moving image communication is becoming increasingly important. It is always exciting for us to familiarize ourselves with new subject areas and to explore how we can best address your target group. That is why our clients include manufacturing companies, consulting firms, craft businesses, associations, medical device manufacturers, eLearning providers, healthcare companies, railroad service providers, financial advisors, tourism companies, Internet agencies, eCommerce platforms, online portals, app providers, startups and many more. We are always united by the intention to convey knowledge in a way that is brief, entertaining, and spot on for the viewer.

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