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Accurately present your videos with video marketing

Video marketing is not about putting a high-quality video on your website and then posting it on Facebook or presenting it in your newsletter. Rather, the right marketing strategy for your videos, clips, and films will ensure that you realize the full potential of your video content. It has long been no secret that videos, as a content format, are on the rise. Not least due to the increasing number of mobile devices, the user behavior of your potential customers is increasingly changing. Away from the classic desktop PC, via which your website was accessed, to smartphones and tablets, with which, in addition to static websites, social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter are primarily used.
Which is more target-oriented? Does your target group need to primarily find you via search engines or do you, as a company, place your videos exactly where the users are anyway? We will be happy to advise you comprehensively on how to present your videos, clips, and films optimally and strategically with video marketing. For a wider reach, for your branding or for more traffic on your corporate communication channels.

Benefits of video marketing for businesses

The benefits of video marketing for businesses are numerous. YouTube constitute an important pillar in any strategy. The video platform is a point of contact for millions of people daily. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and accordingly it offers companies great potential. As with the parent company Google, videos on the portal can be set in such a way that they rank well on a particular topic and thus receive many clicks. For companies, these clicks are the fuel for subscribers onto their own channel. Video marketing is thus directly linked to customer acquisition and retention, as you can use your channel and videos to lead interested people to your websites. These leads pay off for your business goals.
In addition to direct lead generation, the video content is relevant in all major marketing areas these days. It starts with search engine optimization in conjunction with content marketing for the website. Websites with videos are ranked better by Google than websites without video content. In social media marketing, videos serve to generate reach, branding and build trust. Email marketing also benefits from videos, as they are more likely to encourage clicks than plain text emails.
We provide you with comprehensive advice on video marketing, create a suitable strategy for your video, analyze your target group and prepare your grand entrance together with you. Through permanent visibility, you will not only increase your sales, but also your brand awareness in the long term. This also gives you a higher organic reach.

Our video marketing-offer for you

The orientation of video marketing is highly dependent on the respective company. The choice of suitable channels, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Twitter, is therefore a strategic decision that should be made on the basis of a precise analysis. In this area, we work with you to select the best channels for your video marketing based on your goals and target groups. Upon request, we will create your optimized YouTube channel and a concept that makes it easy for you or your employees to maintain the YouTube channel in the future and to perfectly integrate new videos.

By the way: Before starting a video production, teasers or making-of scenes should already be considered with a view to video marketing, which will be published on your channels even before the finished clip or film, thus triggering interest among your fans, followers, or newsletter subscribers.

Do you still have questions? Or would you like to know what particular benefits video marketing can bring to your company? Then contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how video production and video marketing can be ideally combined for you.

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