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In Germany there are more and more unfilled positions. Usually, it costs companies a lot of time before a new promising candidate is found. Especially in the case of qualified positions, it can take several months before the position is filled. Sometimes the requirements profile is to blame, sometimes the job advertisement itself or the lack of attractiveness from the employer in search of qualified applicant. In addition, applicants often do not want to accept personal changes in order to take up a new position, or do not feel addressed. Employer branding, or the strengthening of the employer brand, is therefore becoming increasingly important for employers. The positive effects are noticeable both internally and externally, and employer branding also quickly makes itself felt in job applications.

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Recruiting film for the Raumhaus GmbH

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Making of Recruitingfilm for the  Dalhoff GmbH

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Recruiting video for the CPU AG

Financial consequences of vacant positions

If a position remains vacant for a long time, this has enormous and, above all, costly consequences. Obviously, there are costs that ensues from the usual recruiting measures. These include, for example, campaigns in social networks, job advertisements in newspapers, the placement of ads on job boards and expenses for recruitment agencies or headhunters. However, there are also other costs that are less obvious at first. For if employees are missing, production is quickly curtailed, which in turn leads to a drop in sales. Or fewer orders can be accepted and processed because customer service is down. If the extra work falls on the remaining colleagues, their motivation quickly wanes, and efficiency drops. For small companies in particular, the economic consequences of vacancies can quickly threaten the very existence of the company.

A strong employer brand improves corporate attractiveness

Employers use various methods to fill vacancies faster and better. Employer marketing or employer branding is playing an increasingly important role. Employers advertise their qualities and benefits. On the one hand, this helps them find applicants more quickly, and on the other, it increases employee satisfaction internally. Identification with the employer increases, employees feel more connected to their company, and long-term employment relationships are promoted – both sides benefit from this. In contrast to the employer image, a company can influence the employer brand itself. The latter, on the other hand, is more determined by external media and people.

Improving the external impact with recruiting videos

There are various possibilities for employer branding. However, the primary goal is always to increase the attractiveness of one’s own company as an employer and to create a clear distinction from competitors. A first-class Internet presence is just as much a part of this as a good presence in social networks. Recruiting videos are the ideal way of combining the search for applicants and employer marketing, which is why they are becoming increasingly important. Our recruiting videos generate spontaneous loyalty to the company and arouse emotions in the viewer – and do so more strongly and directly than pictures or print ads ever could. Our videos show the advantages of your company and give employees a voice. Applicants and other interested parties gain an insight into the day-to-day happenings at the company. This makes it easier for them to identify with the company and lays the foundation for future cooperation.

Make your company fit for the new needs of the labor market

A lot has happened in the labor market in the past. Above all, it has become more fast-paced, and employees need to be more flexible. At the same time, however, the demands that employees place on their employers have also grown. Falling unemployment figures mean that there are fewer potential applicants for vacant positions. Work-life balance has become a dictum. As a result, the financial aspect is no longer the sole incentive for applying for a job: self-fulfillment and personal recognition are now highly valued. Employers must adapt to these changed requirements. In addition to a high starting salary, the working atmosphere should be great, and the employee’s work should be appreciated. Furthermore, employees want to be challenged to perform at their best. A recruiting video shows in a condensed form what opportunities are available to an applicant in the company. What further training opportunities are available and if there are chances for promotion? Are parents supported or can time off be taken? Are there flexible working hours, a fitness room and regular team events? Our recruiting videos quickly show potential employees whether applying is worthwhile for them. In addition, individual employee videos can be produced from the statements of your recruiting video. You can then use these in turn for job postings of specific jobs. For example, if we film a company in road construction, we can then produce not only a general recruiting video, but also a video for each trade or job title. The more targeted the content is to the job description, the more exciting the video will be for potential applicants

Using recruiting films correctly

If you combine recruiting videos with targeted Facebook campaigns, you can achieve great success in a very short time. For example, we were able to find new employees in a very short time for a chain store that had been desperate for months due to a shortage of staff. To make the recruitment process complete, the right e-recruiting tool should of course be in use. Potential employees expect a clear application platform and a streamlined application process. Our recommendation is Connectoor. With Connectoor you can easily share your vacancies on their website, but also spread them in various job markets and on social media channels. With just a few clicks, many to-dos for a successful job posting are done.

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