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Creating a storyboard: Important link between the idea and the production

The storyboard is an important tool that acts as a link between the concept and the production to ensure smooth processes. In addition, it serves as a communication basis that involves all participants and their ideas before production begins. This gives everyone the chance to effect adjustments and finalize the idea before the actual production. Creating a storyboard for a film is not an option, but an absolute must.

Storyboard as a channel of communication for those involved

Why is it important to create a storyboard? The storyboard is the tool used to combine ideas, mental images, and text concept into a visual template for the planned film. After the exchange, idea and text concept, the planned project is then planned with regard to images and procedure. Our clients see the story, they see the individual scenes, they see the protagonists. Together with our clients, we discuss the storyboard and determine whether the plot and core message exactly match their ideas and will achieve the film’s agreed effect.

Imagine what could happen without a storyboard: The film would be finished, and then the client might realize that the characters don’t fit, the backgrounds do not look as they had desired, and the camera angles/settings did not suit their expectations. The consequence: a film you are not satisfied with or costly post-productions or new productions. Such scenarios can be avoided with a coordinated storyboard – so that your film will be perfect.

Storyboard as a planning sketch for film production

For film productions, creating a storyboard offers another major advantage in addition to the visual finalization of the idea and content: the production of the film will be optimally designed. Since from the storyboard, we develop the screenplay. The cinematic implementation with precisely adapted technology then ensures smooth production processes. In this way, film production can be implemented in a time- and cost-effective manner for our customers.

Creating a storyboard, yourself? It is better to develop it together!

We take care of the storyboard creation for our customers. We incorporate all information, agreements and desires into the storyboard. It is important for us to have an open exchange with the customer – because the storyboard should not only come close to his/her desires but hit the nail right on the head. Every good film is the result of an intensive exchange between us and our clients throughout the entire project.

Do you have questions about storyboard creation? Would you like to realize a sustainably effective film for your company? Then get in touch with us. We will be glad to give you detailed advice about the possibilities and benefits of moving image content for your company!

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